February 2020, JillMarie

IG Review: My daughter received these cupcakes for her birthday, the presentation was very impressive and hands down these were the best vegan cupcakes we've ever had! So delicious, we will definitely be ordering in the future.

July 2020, Michelle de Castro

The best! Most delcious goodies ever!

July 2020, Alexandra

Thank you @V2Baked for making my sisters cake perfect and Vegan!

July 2020, Christina

I get the pleasure of saying this is my daughter's birthday cake, it was absolutely delicious and beautiful. My daughter absolutely loved it as well, she was so happy it wasn't fondant.

June 2020, Michele

Rate: Excellent Would Recommend: Yes Like Best: I tried the lemon cupcakes with coconut frosting, funfetti with marshmallow buttercream frosting and cookie butter. They were all faves. Can't pick just one. These are the BEST vegan cupcakes I've ever had HANDS DOWN! They really had the true charasteristics of a cake made with eggs. We all know how dense vegan cakes can be. I was really blown away. At first, I questioned if they were really even vegan. That's how moist and fluffy they were. You can tell these were made with quality ingredients so it's not surpirse I found out she's a pastry chef. None of the cupcakes has those wierd dyes or artificial tasting flavors. The recipe is outstanding! You will not be dissapointed. Plus, she delivered them straight to my door and I live in Inverray which is quite a drive. The delivery charge was very reasonable.

June 2020, Rachel

IG Review: Thank you so much! It was amazing and we loved it! It was a Girl.

April 2020, Houghton Photography

IG Review: It was so delicious thank you so much!! Hubby was so happy!

February 2020, Jared

Google review: What an amazing experience I had with V2 Baked yesterday. We had our 1 year anniversary at Rise Dispensary in Deerfield Beach. V2 Baked brought their gourmet cupcakes, cookies and even made us a beautiful cake to cap off an awesome evening. They brought in everything quickly and on time, did not need any help and displayed everything beautifully. I highly recommend V2 Baked for any type of event.

May 2020, Marlo

IG Review: Thank you for making these amazing cupcakes to surprise my daughter who came home to see me for Mother's Day!

January 2020, Tabakha

No other cakes taste the same after you've tried these. the chocolate cupcakes are my favorite. You can literally taste the love in each bite.

January 2020, Ashley

Vegfest Customer: I had an orange something cupcke at Vegfest and it honestly was the best cupcake I have ever eaten in my life, and I love that they are vegan. The price was so reasonable. I will absolutely drive all the way down to her a cake!

January 2020, The Vegan Esthetician Spa LLC

Vegfest Customer: My friend bought the last two cookies-n-cream cupcakes and I was so sa but I bought 3 other glavors that you had available, those were great too!! I will be placing an order for our 13th year anniversary in March! Thank you again and to your beautiful family. Thank you to your little helper that checked out my purchases, he did great!

December 2019, Glenna

Heavenly Red Velvet cupcakes from V2 Baked! Everything is made with love and you can tell at first bite. Heaven in your mouth. Thank you Charity!

November 2019, Hadeer

CUPCAKES Rate: Excellent Would recommend: Yes Like best: I love chocolate cakes and desserts and thought myself a connoisseur of sorts. I have never NEVER EVER had a chocolate cupcake like these before. You have made me the happiest pregnant woman on this planet. The absolute happiest. Not only because its delicious but since it's all plant based it's easy on my stomach especially during these rough times. A million thank yous!!! Anything to add: Did I mention I've never had better?

November 2019, Loren

The cake was absolutely delicious!!!!!! It was perfect!

November 2019, Donna

The cake was absolutely amazing. she loved it. Thank you once again! ~Donna

November 2019, Hadeer

It was not only beautiful but delicious too! And so happy I have leftovers! Best baby shower cake ever!

November 2019, Jen

Everyone love the cake, thank you so much!! Amazingly delicious!!! Thank you again.

October 2019, Amguer

Best vegan bakery in florida, God bless you always Charity.

September 2019, Kevin J.

Charity is a good friend of mine and makes the most delicious desserts. I couldn't believe it was 100% vegan. You can order directly from her site or give her a call at 561-374-0992.

August 2019, Yanivis

Yelp Review I tried the sponge Lemon cake with Lemon-Raspberry Buttercream and it was Heaven on Earth! I was skeptical going in, but pleasantly surprised with how yummy it was. The flavor of the Buttercream frosting was perfect and the cake itself was moist. Wish my husband could have tried it, but sadly for him it never made it home. I took one bite and couldn't stop, lol. She made my sons birthday cake and mine as well. My go to are the chocolate cupcakes with raspberry lemon frosting!!! I absolutely love them. Her cookies and all other desserts I've tried are all so delish! Charity is talented, honest, knowledgeable, professional and so hospitable. I love that she uses fresh high quality ingredients in everything she bakes. Her kitchen is beautiful and has such a good vibe. Her prices are very reasonable. If you're looking for a healthier alternative to a tasty cakes, desserts and pastries, I highly recommend you place your order with Charity.

August 2019, Lyra

The Amazing cake by my friend Charity, you outdid yourself!! Thank you for an amazing and very tasty cake. You are my new cake lady.

May 11, 2019 Delia

This was beyond delicios, thank you so much for exhibiting your talents for our little ones. May your talents continually be blessed and spread to ohers.

May 09, 2019 Vivianne S.

Rate: Excellent Recommend: Yes Like Best: V2 Baked provided a variety of cookies and mini cupcakes for a high-end political "friendraiser" I recently helped coordinate. The clientele was not your typical Oreos and Little Debbie type of group. Needless to say, the product we served had to be top-rate...and it was that and then some! Eveyone loved whatever they ate; they were even more delighted that we had small parting parting gifts of these cookies that went home with each of them in a beautiful boxed presentation. Referred: I work in a large plaza which has multiple businesses in it. I was first drawn to a car owned by the V2 Baked, whose car was parked in my plaza, emblazoned with the V2 Baked logo and information. I called and was immediately in contact with the owner who was extremely professional and friendly. Anything to add: The best part of the event other than the tasty treats, was telling some of the departing guests who took home theur V2 Baked goodies that the treats were 100% Vegan. They were "shocked" that is was "so good" and were thrilled to have found a new place to get quality desserts.

May 3, 2019 Clorissa C.

Rate: Excellent Recommend: Yes I've never had a ore delicious cake. I had a cision of the cake and Charity overly exceeded my expectations. Super happy and will always use her. Will always go vegan when it comes to cakes now!! Thank you!

April 20, 2019 Dena M.

Rate: Excellent Recommend: Yes Charity went out of her way to accommodate my requests for theme of the cake, as well as my daughters allergy restrictions. The cake she designed was adible art! Everyone that saw it was blown away. Every part of the order was top notch and professional including the delivery to our home. I highly Recommend. Charity is fabulous and puts 100% into delivering the best products to her customers. You can see her commitment in her artistic design and personal service.

March 2019 Mimi

I've tried a few items on her menu and all of them were delicious! Everything is made from scratch and she uses quality ingredients. You can taste the freshness of it all. Her attention to detail is much appreciated. My son's birthday cake was just as I envisioned it would be. She really pays attention to what you want. My son wanted a red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream topped with fruits and it was a hit! He's just 11 years old. I was worried he wouldn't like the taste as he's never tried anything Vegan, but her really enjoyed it and is already looking forward to next year's cake. Her lemon sponge cake with Raspberry-Lemon buttercream is so good! Love the chocolate cupcakes too! I can't wait for my birthday in May to put in my order. I highly recommend Charity.

February 2019 Hadeer

My son's 7th Birthday. My son is a vanilla boy through and through; but the minute he tried V2 baked’s red velvet cake he was hooked! It’s a beautiful thing when delicious can also be a healthy alternative. The sponge was moisture packed, the build sturdy, and the design showed an eye for detail. The owner captured my sons ROBLOX theme perfectly. If only I took a picture before we ate it all! Thank you for handling this day with such grace and class. I can’t wait for my next order!

July 2018 Nicole B.

Absolutely Perfect.

June 2018 Viviana

Todo estuvo súper bien me encantó, nuevamente muchísimas gracias 😊 Translation: Everything was super well I loved it, again thank you very much.

April 2018 Jackie R.

Highly recommend for all your cupcakes and cake needs! They are delicious and best of all VEGAN! I brought in 2 dozens to work and they are all gone! Big hit and people couldn’t believe they were vegan because they were rich in flavor, moist and all around delicious!

April 2018 Ryanne B.

I felt like I was back in Georgetown. These are equal to if not better than the cupcakes at Georgetown Cupakes. Not only do they taste great but they are VEGAN. That is INCREDIBLE. No dryness and not to moist with the most amazing frosting on top to finish it off. You are an absolute wizard in the kitchen!!! Thank you so much and we look forward to doing more business with you!

April 2018 Amanda D.

Highly recommend. Her cake was amazing and looked just perfect.

October 2017 Icing Smiles Donation Recipient

Just wanted to send a big thank you!! The cake was beautiful and delicious!!

May 2015 Beth B.

Awesome, super yummy cakes! All from scratch and absolutely delicious.

February 2017 Jessenia V.

Thank you so much every went wild over the cupcakes.

January 2017 Aaron F.

The cake came out better than expected on a short notice only gave a day notice to get a quick cake done the cake was amazing and everybody loved it. Will be recommending to anybody who needs a cake.

September 2016 Sara C.

Beautiful cake, and last minute. Seriously Good.

February 2018 Raquel P.

I ordered the minions cake from charity for my grandson birthday. It was her vegan recipe vanilla and chocolate it was delicious. I have had her cakes before and was already in love with her cakes. I had teenagers, kids and adults at the party and they all loved the cupcakes. I never once said it was vegan. I started with 36 cupcakes and I was left none. That is proof to me that it was amazingly delicious. The best part it's all from scratch and healthy for you.

February 2017 Shaina D.

Cake was very tasty and moist. The cake was gone within minutes, everyone loved the peach mousse filling. I cannot wait until the next time to get a cake.

August 2016 Sean J.

Thank you so much for such an amazing cake!! Charity did such a wonderful job on this cake. The cake looked absolutely astonishing. The server staff and chef at the restaurant were all amazed and kept asking where I got the cake from. Wish I had more cards to hand out. Not only did the cake over exceed our expectations visibly, it was delicious too!. I can't say enough about it; great looking, great tasting, and a great value. Hand delivered to my house to boot.

December 2016 Maggie V.

It's so beautiful, Charity! Everyone LOVED your cake! It was perfect, thank you so much again!

April 2015 Raquel P.

Most amazing handmade Dominican cake with Dulce de leche filling. Again, I give two thumbs up to my girl Charity Deleon.

October 2016 Raquel P.

Loving my birthday cakes. Thank you Charity DeLeon for an amazing creation. You asked me what I wanted and I said whatever u want to do. You have such a creative mind and you show it in your cakes. Never stop. Keep it going.

December 2015 Winnifred

OMG! I HAVE NEVER HAD A CAKE THIS GOOD! Rich in flavor, but light in texture. It tastes like fresh whip cream with an infusion of almonds. The cake it’s self is so light, I don’t know how it doesn’t collapse. Like nothing I’ve ever had, it's decadent, but somehow LIGHT, perfect, melt in your mouth cake with an ode to almonds and the buttercream oh!

September 2016 Dana M.

Everyone loved it! It tasted as good as it looked! Thank you again!

July 2015 Sally N.

Charity bakes quality pastries, they are delicious and beautiful. Thank you for the delicious chocolate chip banana bread and bread pudding.

September 2016 Jessenia V.

A very special thank you, my great Gatsby theme cake came out amazing ! Charity is very professional and talented. The cake was not only beautiful but it taste amazing. Book her for your next event!

September 2016 Ollie @ Hope 4 Mobility

Wanted to get back to you sooner to thank you for the beautiful & wonderful golf theme cake…it was one of the highlights of the auction. One of the golfers won the bid and donated it to the children’s ministry at our church, which we delivered the next day. Thanks again my friend and God bless! You are awesome!

September 2016 Icing Smiles Donation Recipient

Thank you Mrs. Chary, everyone loved the cake!

March 2015 Grisel

Everything I have ever tried has been delicious! It is always made from scratch with love and with a variety of items to choose from. The baby shower cake I ordered was not only beautiful, it was so good and it was hand delivered.

March 2015 Raquel P.

Thanks for doing my best friends daughter’s quince cake. Everyone loved it, I wanted the red velvet and it was all gone. I ended up eating the buttercream and it was still delicious. Again thanks, I am another happy customer.

June 2015 Sara

This was a last-minute cake order, I told her to make it special and that is exactly what she did. The best two layered chocolate and vanilla cake with loads of buttercream. We are a family that fights for the corners to get the most buttercream. With this cake, everyone walked away satisfied. The chocolate was so moist and the vanilla only added to the flavoring. The freshest cakes you will find in Palm Beach County.

July 2015 Sara

My baby cousin is like a son to me, for his third birthday I planned with his parents for a minion cake and ordered one from Charity. Well, the week before his parents thought a dinosaur cake would be better. Needless to say charity was more than happy to do a last minute change with the design and the flavor. My family is hard to please with a uniformed flavor, charity suggested pineapple. It was the perfect pineapple, just the right amount of chunks and moist, to boot.

July 2015 Jessica C.

Charity is amazing, our wedding cake was not just beautiful it tasted amazing! She's very professional and takes joy in what she does which is why she does such a great job. I will definitely recommended her to anyone.

September 2015 Dana M.

I came to Charity with a picture of a cake I saw for my daughter's second birthday. It came out better than the picture! Charity takes fresh, quality ingredients and brings your idea to life in cake. Everyone commented on my daughter's cake. She has so many delicious flavors and combinations it's hard to choose. I can't wait to see and taste how her next birthday cake comes out. Charity will definitely be making all of her birthday cakes for years to come!

February 2016 Arturo B.

Thank you so much! The cake was perfect and the sugar cookie flavor was delicious, everyone enjoyed the cake and the buttercream was so light.

February 2016 Shaina D.

Wonderful moist cake, gone within seconds while serving the guests. Guests even ate their to-go slice at the dinner table. I received wonderful compliments on the decoration and taste. Thanks again Charity

February 2016 Vanessa S.

I loved it. Couldn't ask for a better cake. Thanks again, I will definitely be ordering from you again.

February 2016 Sulay

Thank you Charity for the beautiful and delicious cake!

February 2016 Raquel P.

I loved my cake. Thank you so much!

May 2016 Laura

I just wanted to say thank you to Charity for all the hard work and detail she put into my graduation cake. You can tell she loves what she does. The cake was not only gorgeous, it was delicious!

July  2016 Sara C.

My sister sent me a message saying that I needed to send the caker the picture of the cake with the dinosaurs because it was bad-ass! ​Thank you by the way if I haven't told you already, I think this is the best cake you've made for me yet. Really looks great!

August 2020, Joshua

Thanks so much for sending this email! I will be sure to recommend your business. Very professional and great customer service. So excited to find a vegan pastry chef in that area!

November 2020, Jennifer R.

Facebook: Thank you, It was delicious.

December 2020, Christina A.

Instagram: The cake was absolutely delicious, even the chef at the restaurant asked for a piece.

November 2020, Fiona M.

Facebook: Thank you so much, it was the best vegan chocolate cake we ever tasted and the raspberry buttercream cream filling was divine! Keshav was extremely happy to see his favorite color on the PS4! We can't wait to try more of your yummy vegan cakes

December 2020, Allison.

Instagram: Purchase from Green Market The cookies were so good and the cake is FIRE, OMG IM IN HEAVEN.

December 2020, Carla.

Instagram: Purchase from Green Market The cake was so good!!! thank you.

January 2021, Christina A.

OMG This cake is absolutely beyond beautiful!

January 2021, Sabrina

I'd really like to thank you for my surprise birthday cake and cupcakes, I enjoyed my yummy treats. The best vegan cake I've tried in the area. Looking forward to purchasing with you again! Thak you once again.

January 2021, Verlinda S.

Rate: Excellent Like Best: First time trying the velvet cake but looking forward to other dessers as well. Would Recommend: Yes Comments: I had the velvet cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. It was gone the next day, that's how good it was. Wonderful job. Oh...I'm not vegan but open.

January 2021, The Vegan Esthetician Spa. (Chrisco)

Rate: Excellent Like Best: Lemon Single Layer Cake, Cookie Butter Single Layer Cake, Cookies-n-cream Cupcakes. Would Recommend: Yes Comments: By far the best ever Vegan option for desserts in the West Palm Beach or Greenacres area. Our only go to when we have a sweet craving.

January 2021, Nicole

Google Review: V2 Baked Vegan Bakery is amazing! Never disappointed! So friendly and everything is so good! I highly recommend it's definitely worth it!

January 2021, Carly J.

Rate: Excellent Like Best: I couldn't pick just one thing. The presentation was beautiful and the cupcakes were AMAZING!! Would Recommend: Yes Comments: Thank you so much for making my boyfriend's birthday so special.

February 2021, Beth P.

Dear Charity The packaging and presentation was awesome - and I am sure the contents was just as good - thank you so much!!! Warm regards and appreciation Beth xx

March 2021, Chie

Thank you very much Charity!!! My sisster loce the beautiful cake, you made her day!!

March 2021, Sabine

Rate: Excellent Like Best: Strawberry vanilla and raspberry chocolate cupcakes. Would Recommend: Yes Comments: Ordered the vanilla strawberry and chocoate cupcakes to celebrate a vegan friend's birthday. As somone who is not a vegan and love desserts, I was blown awat at how delicious and beautiful they were! Excellent serice too...placed an order Saturday and pick on Sunday *****

March 2021, Melter

IG Review: This was the best cake I ever had. I have been eating it still until today - and normally I throw my birthday cake away after my birthday. Thank you soooo much. It was such a hit. I told my partner that I never want a birthday cake from anywhere else.

August 2021, Shavon R.

Event Planner: The cakes were beautiful and I heard they were delicious. Thank you again.

February 2021, Rob T.

Instagram Review: RE: Cake Jars These are amazing!! If you want to enjoy life I highly recommend buying some!!!!! My Favorite!!

February 2021, Joseph V.

Google Review: Everything Always Is Amazing! Even Flavors I wouldn’t normally like of desserts I like from here, highly recommend for both vegans and non vegans! You won’t tell the difference and you won’t regret it! 👌👌👌👌

March 2021, Deb B.

Google Review: I have had V2 deliver 4 different packages to family and friends all to rave reviews. Thank you very much - and especially loved the Triple Berry muffins! Great baked items and service! Looking forward to my next order.

March 2021, Rythm and Hues

@V2Baked came through with the vision, the service and OH MY with the TASTE!

March 2021, Chris L.

Your beyond a baker it’s art work - your are so talented !!! Thank you

April 2021, Destiney B.

Thank you so much for making my birthday cake it was very special and I loved it I look forward to having you make the rest of my cakes it was delicious.

April 2021, Krystina H.

Thank you so much for making my sons 1st birthday so special with such an amazing cake and smash cake!

June 2021, Johanna G.

Google Review: I am so happy I found such an amazing baker. I’ve been using V2baked for a few years now. Charity the owner/ baker of the business is super accommodating and a breath of fresh air to work with. She is now the family baker for every occasion. Even though she is located an hour away from me her baking is just totally worth it. Every time I have a unique cake idea she makes it come true. Her cake flavors are amazing, my favorites over all, are her marble and red velvet. My friends and family always rave about her deserts and cake when we host celebrations.
Big thank you Charity for always providing deliciousness to my family event!

June 2021, Joshua M.

Google Review: Shout out to Charity for being the nicest & making the GREATEST mini loafs & bread pudding I have ever had! Me & my girlfriend are always going to pay a visit whenever at the green market in Royal Palm!

June 2021, Elsy.

IG Review: It was beautiful and delicious, thank you so much.

June 2021, Akshantha R.

Google Review: I wanted to wait a little before posting a review so I had time to try a couple different things and...Wow! Charity seriously knows how to bake. I've become a big fan of her single layer cakes. They're beautiful, moist, and most importantly DELICIOUS!! Honestly cannot believe everything is vegan. I also love her raspberry cheesecake cookies, they are out of this world (highly recommend!). Her pickup place is a bit of a drive for me but it's worth it because her sweets bring me so much joy. Thank you Charity!

June 2021, Danielle G.

Google Review: This is the best bakery I've ordered from EVER (vegan or not). The desserts are fresh, delicious, and packaged so wonderfully. Charity, the owner puts love and time into her craft which is revealed in every bite. I personally adore the vanilla on vanilla cake, the peanut butter cookies, and bread pudding. I haven't tried anything that wasn't yummy in my tummy. This is definitely a MUST try when in South Florida...A real Treat.

May 2021, Frances F.

Google Review: I have been getting my cakes and desserts from Charity for over a year now. She never fails to amaze me. Everything I get has always been consistent, flavorful, and yummy. I wouldn't get my cakes from anywhere else!

May 2021, Patrisha M.


May 2021,The Princess

Google Review: Absolutely delicious! Everything I have got from V2 Baked has been out of this world. She bakes everything with love and you can tell. I recommend V2 Baked to everyone even if they are not vegan, no one would be able to tell the difference! Highly recommend!

May 2021, Lisa T.

Google Review: I ordered a special cake for a surprise engagement. The cake was a red velvet with a beautiful pink icing and gorgeous topper. It was perfection!
The taste of Charity's cakes never fails! Moist and delicious! Her attention to detail is amazing. The cake was truly the star of the evening! Highly recommend her work!

May 2021, Danielle M.

Google Review: Absolutely amazing! Her desserts are my go-to with every gathering, formal or informal. My friends and family love them and look forward to them every time! Her flavors are wholesome and delicious and her designs are incredible unique and artistic! Thank you for sharing your passion with the community. I’m so grateful!l

June 2021, Sarah A.

Google Review: Seriously…the best vegan sweets for vegans and others alike! Every thing is AMAZING! I couldn’t recommend this bakery enough! I cant wait to get some more goodies from here! Do yourself a favor and get some bakery treats ASAP!!!

June 2021,Jeff.

IG Review: Thank you for the incredible birthday cake, and thank you to my beautiful fiance for requesting it. It's crazy beacuse its just as tasty as it looks!

May 2021, Natasha A.

OMG you were not kidding about the frosting!! It was so so good and everyone ACTUALLY ate it. Thank you so much again, it was so moist and delicious. Amazing cake.

March 2021, Marla

Charity these were absolutely delicious! Thank you!

June 2021, Touchdown Music Group

Google Review: Very detailed 3D cake amazing Birthday turnout. V2 Bakery responded to my inquiry with great communication via email, text and call even made wonderful suggestions. Extremely talented Pastry chef. Highly recommend V2 Bakery for your Vegan Cakes, Cookies etc…

July 2021, Danielle T.

Google Review: I had such a wonderful experience with V2 Baked. Charity was very accommodating for my out of town order. She was quick and efficient and the cupcakes looked amazing! I would totally recommend to any and everyone!

July 2021, Quin W.

Facebook: This made her day! Thank you so much!

July 2021, tagz.rates.vegan369

IG: The Cookie Butter Cake in a jar was so dang Good lol I really enjoyed it. It was soooo rich and creamy. The flavors were very developed also :) I highly recommend trying it.

August 2021, Melissa S.

Google: Cake was beautiful & delicious. V2 was so easy to work with. A pleasure and I will be going to them for my next cake.

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