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- MOM,


Gourmet Cakes and Pastries
Baked with Love

Welcome to V2 Baked Vegan Bakery! I am the woman behind the magic here, a 2015 Graduate of the International Baking and Pastry program from Lincoln Culinary Institute, President's List in West Palm Beach, Florida. 


My family migrated to the US from Cuba and brought with them the culture of traditional Cuban cuisine, I was privileged to be by my grandfather's side as his little helper in the kitchen as a child. Our time together nurtured my love for food, I love creating amazing meals for my family and friends, and feeding others brings me immense joy. 

I am blessed to be the mother to 7 amazing kids, one of whom is differently abled and medically complex. My children are my greatest gift and accomplishment. 

I transitioned to Veganism in 2017, it was the path I was intuitively guided to take and it has been the most rewarding experience, I cannot imagine living my life and not being vegan. It has been so rewarding to share amazing food that has been made with love and compassion. 

I appreciate quality in every aspect of my life, I strive to provide an excellent customer service experience and amazing products. The best part is seeing the joy our products bring to others and even more rewarding is when they find it hard to believe our cakes and pastries are vegan. It's a testament that you don't have to sacrifice to choose cruelty-free and compassionate eating. 

 I look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing our cakes and pastries to sweeten your day! 

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